Top Dog Raw Foods do exactly what it says on the tin! We are here to provide raw foods for your dogs.

Top Dog’s mission is to provide you with all the elements of a full BARF diet for your dogs.

Because you’re reading this, you will already know that BARF stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods.

Put simply, a BARF diet is about feeding domesticated dogs the foods that they evolved to eat in the wild over millions of years before the advent of “Kibbledom” during the last century.

Although there are lots of variations and opinions on the details of BARF, feeding your dog a BARF diet doesn’t need to be complicated. It’s essentially just feeding a balanced mix of meat, bones, offal and vegetables that mimics the diet of the wild or feral animal.

Our friend Jodie from Designed by Boo has summed it up rather neatly in the form of this poster shown on the right:

Copies of Jodie’s poster are available to buy from her website at

If you’re looking for advice on how to switch from a kibble diet to a BARF diet, or if you want to know how to start puppy feeding on raw, please give us a call on 01427 617627 and we’d be glad to help.

Raw Feeding Designed by Boo poster